FUMETTI FOR THE MOTHERSHIP is a photo-comic interested in exploring how visual sequences can encourage multiple interpretations and simultaneous narratives. The project's title comes from the word 'fumetti', which means 'comics' in Italian, and often refers specifically to photo-comics. When literally translated into English, 'fumetti' roughly means 'little puffs of smoke'.

FUMETTI FOR THE MOTHERSHIP is created by Stephanie Passantino and Colleen Louise Barry using a weekly exchange of photographs and words, called SPECIMEN GROUPINGS. The project began with Stephanie sending eight photographs and Colleen sending eight lines of a poem in response, creating the Specimen Grouping I.

FUMETTI FOR THE MOTHERSHIP is a limited-edition photo-comic publication and installation which took place at Mount Analogue in September 2017.

FUMETTI FOR THE MOTHERSHIP was created as part of Conversations with Women, an ongoing project by Mount Analogue. Mount Analogue regularly collaborates with a female-identifying artists and/or writers to conceive of, produce, and distribute a collaborative project.